Special Events: What Are You Wearing 2?

Lawrence Arabia ‘Man Alone Tour’ at Queens (1 Queens Gardens), 26 April

Hosted by Hector in his stylish new venue, Queens, Lawrence Arabia performed a variety of quirky songs on keyboard and guitar.

James Milne

Critically acclaimed singer songwriter James Milne (aka Lawrence Arabia).

Claire and Abby wear op-shop and vintage.

Ellie wears dress from the Charity Barn, Kaikorai Valley.

Christina and Jack. Christina wears op-shop. Jack wears top from Yaks n Yetis.

Feastock V festival (Fea Street, Pine Hill), 27 April

Warm weather brought out some stunning style. Gumboots were de rigueur. Eat your heart out Glastonbury!

Opening act: Michael McLeod leads The Shifting Sands.

Gianna wears Kate Sylvester dress and Doc Martens.

Anthony and Maria. Maria wears top from the Salvation Army Shop.

Marielle wears NOM*d.

Libby and Georgia wear op-shop.

Clare wears shirt from Purple Rain ($10!).

Greg and India. Greg wears op-shop and handmade waistcoat. India wears op-shop.

NB: Sorry if we’ve spelt anyone’s name wrong. Please let us know and we will correct it.

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