Return of the Darkroom: Photography by Abby Smith

While many commercial photographers are throwing out their negatives and chemicals, photographer Abby Smith, who now calls Dunedin home, has taken up the challenge of returning to traditional methods.

In Abby’s own words:

“I moved to Dunedin 3 months ago from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to study visual arts at Otago Polytechnic. I have always been particularly drawn to portrait photography for that spark of human interest, and seek to represent it with my own personal aesthetic. The other half of my obsession with photography is film and retro cameras – it’s a tragedy that film is going out of style and up in price here in New Zealand, I prefer it to digital and humbly hope to breathe some new life into it with my work. I’m loving Dunedin so far – so many new friends and faces which always inspire me to pick up a camera!”


“Street 51”, colour 200 film, 2011


“Vision”, colour 200 film, 2011


“Generational”, colour 200 film, 2011

Wisdom in its Early Days

“Wisdom in its Early Days”, black & white 400 film, 2010


“Untitled”, colour 200 film, 2010

Post Brain Injury I

“Post Brain Injury I”, scanned image, 2011

Post Brain Injury II

“Post Brain Injury II”, digital photograph, 2012

Remembering a Dream

“Remembering a Dream”, colour 200 film, 2011

Abby wears cardigan, top and hat from North-East Valley Salvation Army Shop, op-shop pants and belt from a Cambodian market.

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2 thoughts on “Return of the Darkroom: Photography by Abby Smith

  1. kate5kiwis says:

    talented photographer and provocative images x

  2. Sharon Smith says:

    you are so talented Abby

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