The Prophet Hens Roost at Taste Merchants (36 Lower Stewart Street)

Taste Merchants ticks all the boxes for the perfect Friday night out where you can get up close and personal with some of Dunedin’s best bands while sampling quality craft brew from Castle MacAdam Wine Shop next door. By night, this daytime cosy cafe/wine tasting room is transformed into an edgy underground gig venue. Not surprisingly, owner Darren Stedman drums for local band The Prophet Hens. So who are the Prophet Hens? Lineup: Karl Bray (guitar/vocals); Penelope Esplin (keys/vocals); Robin Cederman (bass) and Darren Stedman (drums). The band name is based on a 19th century myth in which the ‘prophet’ hen lays eggs with messages about the second-coming. Last Friday, the band performed a lively, eclectic mix of their new material, supported by G.A.G.

Taste Merchants

The Prophet Hens




Penelope and Karl from The Prophet Hens. Penelope wears homemade dress. Karl wears vintage military jacket from the Cold War era.

James Bellamy with his ‘Skull Void’ painting.

Kirsty wears Carlson jacket and Max skirt.

Linda wears dress by Foil. Artwork by James Bellamy.

Kathryn wears Glassons.

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2 thoughts on “The Prophet Hens Roost at Taste Merchants (36 Lower Stewart Street)

  1. Darren says:

    Hey thanks for profiling our venue! BTW we like to call them craft brews not home brews. We specialise in them at our shop next door, Castle MacAdam. Love your work though!

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