Claim to Fame on Campus: Deborah Lambie

Deborah’s a very busy lady. She’s in the 4th year of her medical degree at the University of Otago. Last year, she took time out from her practical training to focus on research and managed to complete both a Master of Entrepreneurship with Distinction and a Bachelor of Medical Sciences with First Class Honours! Her thesis was in bioethics. But there’s more! Deb is also likely to turn heads on the street, and not because she’s wearing her doctor’s coat and stethoscope!

Medical School

Trophies awarded to Deb for national public speaking competitions through Toastmasters

Trophies awarded to Deb for national public speaking competitions through Toastmasters

A couple of years ago, Deb was scouted by a leading local modelling agency and found herself on the Railway Station catwalk modelling at iD Dunedin Fashion Week. She found this modelling experience very helpful for what was to come. Deb is now one of only 20 finalists in the 2013 Miss Universe New Zealand Competition and she’s keen to break the stereotype!

Deborah Lambie

We called in to have a chat with Deb about the competition. She reflected on her journey.

When I first watched Miss New Zealand, I thought, wow, I could never do that! But others have believed in me, encouraged me and helped me develop my skillset and now, years later, I am a contestant. I want to encourage young people to strive to achieve their best in any avenue they choose to apply themselves.”

There’s more to the competition than meets the eye. In a week’s time, she will be attending an international retreat with the other finalists at a mystery location.

In keeping with Dunedin Wears The Pants, we were keen to find out more about her style. She describes it as classy, feminine and sophisticated.

Deb's wardrobe

Deb’s wardrobe

Most of Deb’s clothes come from Refined Rig, where Sun Dean (the talented owner and stylist) has been very supportive in helping Deb prepare for the competition. Deb also enjoys shopping at Ruby, Deval Boutique and Void. When asked if she had any role models, she replied without hesitation that it was Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012, who also happens to be a university student. “She’s so real and so positive – such a lovely, bubbly personality.”

One of Deb's favourite outfits from Refined Rig

One of Deb’s favourite outfits from Refined Rig

Deb’s a great example of giving-it-a-go Dunedin spirit. We wish her loads of luck!

Deb wears jacket from Refined Rig

Deb wears jacket from Refined Rig

You can vote for Deb by liking her official Facebook page where details of how to vote by text will then appear.

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