Big Talent In Small Works


On Friday evening at Bruce Project Space, artists Nicola Hansby and Anya Sinclair showcased a captivating collection of small works. Nicola really breathes life into her still lifes, injecting the objects with quirky personalities. She presented eight artworks using acrylic on board and paper. In contrast, Anya’s three nature paintings exuded ethereal beauty. To see these amazing artworks for yourself, the exhibition is open until 4th October, so don’t miss out! Bruce Project Space can be found at Level Two Albell Chambers, 127 Lower Stuart Street. For further information contact

Nicola (left) and Jill in front of Nicola's 'Chair Bound In Sheets' (acrylic on board)

Nicola (left) and Jill in front of Nicola’s ‘Chair Bound In Sheets’ (acrylic on board)


Nicola's 'Egg Cup' (acrylic on board)

Nicola’s ‘Egg Cup’ (acrylic on board)


Catherine with 'Egg Cup'

Catherine with ‘Egg Cup’


Nicola's 'Kumera Surrounded By Objects' (acrylic on paper)

Nicola’s ‘Kumera Surrounded By Objects’ (acrylic on paper)


Anya (right) and her sister Bella with Anya's 'Blue Park' (acrylic on canvas)

Anya (right) and her sister Bella with Anya’s ‘Blue Park’ (acrylic on canvas)


Nicola's 'Four Objects On A Table' (acrylic on board)

Nicola’s ‘Four Objects On A Table’ (acrylic on board)


Nicola, Ryan and Sarah

Nicola, Ryan and Sarah


Nicola's 'Still Life With Bottles' (acrylic on board)

Nicola’s ‘Still Life With Bottles’ (acrylic on board)


Dudley and Tara

Dudley and Tara


Nicola's 'Chair Wrapped In Plastic' (acrylic on board)

Nicola’s ‘Chair Wrapped In Plastic’ (acrylic on board)


Nicola, Stephanie and Hannah

Nicola, Stephanie and Hannah


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2 thoughts on “Big Talent In Small Works

  1. Donna Hansby says:

    Nicola you look so gorgeous,but of course you are my daughter.Love your work you clever beautiful wee thing,love Donna

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